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Join Fat Cat for 12 Beers of Christmas

Fat Cat's 12 Beers of Christmas is back! Earn your 2015 Fat Cat Beer Mug by drinking all 12 Beers (not in one night!). You can sign up for our 12 Beers of Christmas starting November 15th.

Upon sign up at the bar, you'll be assigned a "12 Beers of Christmas" number and record sheet. We recommend you take a picture of it so you don't forget it!

When you drink one of your 12 Beers of Christmas, your server will check it off the list for you. Our lovely staff will keeps a record of your completed beers in a binder, in case you accidently forget what you drank the last time.

You do not have to complete them all in one night! However, we do ask that you finished by December 25th to be guaranteed a Fat Cat Beer Mug. And for all you die-hards, for the first time ever you can earn more than one Fat Cat Beer Mug!

12 Beers of Christmas List:

(Due to limited supply, some beers may be subbed out for equally delicious choices)

  • Coming Soon!

You can also get the 12 Beers of Christmas TO-GO for only $35! It makes a great Christmas Gift. Stop into the bar to pick yours up today!

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