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Weddings at Fat Cat? Oh yeah.

It’s a crisp cool Halloween evening at Fat Cat, What’s going on?

A surprise WEDDING!

A couple full of whimsy who enjoyed their first date want to surprise their party guests at Fat Cat. Self proclaimed Sci-fi and Cartoon Nerds included many details in their wedding event.

After the guests return the Game of Thrones RSVP, Fat Cat will be decorated with dimly lit black shimmering raven gemmed urns, flowers made from comics, a Simpsons Donut Cake will be center attraction at the featured Donut Station. Their guests will be dressed as brides and grooms. A Surprise Wedding on Halloween Night 5pm- certainly one to remember.

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Uptown Couple Marry at Fat Cat Bar, Site of First Date, on Halloween

UPTOWN — A pair of self-proclaimed sci-fi and comic book nerds surprised their friends and family by marrying Halloween night at the site of their first date and kiss — Fat Cat Bar, 4840 N. Broadway.

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